Peanut Butter & Jelly

My son, my son will eat as many of these that I will make. Peanut cake donut, infused with Welch's grape jam. Then topped with jelly sauce and peanut butter drizzle. EAT IT WARM!

Vanilla Bean

For those of you that just want a plain donut to go with your black coffee. Except it's full of vanilla bean flavor and coated in Turbinado sugar.

French Toast

Does it taste exactly like french toast from IHOP......NOPE. Does it taste like the french toast I used to make on Sunday mornings for my minions, absolutely. It has a maple syrup drizzle and powdered sugar, it's french toast!!!

Maple Almond

Sweet and crunchy. Almond flavored donut, maple syrup drizzle, crunchy almonds. YUM!

Coconut Key Lime

I wanted to make something outside of the box. So it is a coconut donut. with key lime and toasted coconuts. The box isn't that big. (shoulder shrug)

Blueberry Chai

Chai spice added to the blueberry donut baker. Then later coated in chai and raw cane sugar. So very good.

Lemon Glaze

Not sure if I mentioned this, but I love all things LEMON. Lemon, lemon and lemon in a donut. Soft and fluffy lemon. Eat this one slowly friends!

Chocolate Chocolate

Another chocolate lover favorite. Chocolate donut topped with crunchy cocoa nibs.