​Strawberry Shortcake

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE DESSERT. I just made it a tad different with a jumbo strawberry cupcake as the base and whipped cream buttercream. YUM!!

Peanut Butter Brownie

This one, is for my parents. They love anything with peanut butter. And my sweet, sweet momma requested something, so my something, was this. Peanut cake, chocolate buttercream, and brownie bits (LOTS of brownie bits)

Banana Pudding

LISTEN, I'm not going to argue with you, it has BANANAS in it. My grams made hers with bananas and she was a hell of a cook (RIP Reva Mae). So you're going to get this banana cake, with bananas in the filling, topped with vanilla wafer crumbles and LIKE IT, :)

Chocolate Lava

Chocolate lovers, you REAL ones, this is for you. It has chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate drizzle, cocoa nibs and chocolate cake. Dark chocolate. It is a chocolate overload. Just add MILK!!

Classic Yellow Butter

It goes by so many names. It is southern staple in most houses i've visited. And it seems to go best topped with Chocolate icing. I DID IT, but in a jumbo cupcakes. Moist yellow butter cake and chocolate. Definitely eat this after Sunday dinner, preferably meatloaf!!!!