(in 10 signature flavors, Click Standard Cupcakes in the drop down to see our offerings)

  • Our cupcakes come in standard and mini. You can order any flavor in either size.

    Just the right amount of cake and frosting to make your taste buds do a little dance!!

Cupcake Pricing:


(in 6 flavors. Click Fabulous 5 in the drop down above)

  • Each of these cupcakes contain 5 items that make them fabulous.

    A jumbo cupcake (1), that is filled (2), topped (3), crumbled (4) and drizzled (5). So overloaded with sweet goodness, you have to eat them with a fork!

FAB 5 Pricing:

Custom Cakes......

(in our 10 standard cupcake flavors)

  • *When ordering a custom PLEASE keep in mind our bakery works best from an idea you or I provide. And then can be modified further, to fit your exact need.

    *ALL cake pricing listed is for base cakes ONLY (buttercream icing with trim)

    *We have also done wedding cakes. Bride/Groom cake pricing will vary

  • *I would NEVER promise you a design that I could not deliver.

Custom Cake Pricing:


(in 4 flavors)

  • Our cakeballs are a super special tiny treat, that will make you eat more than one.

    They are just the right size for two bites or If you are up to it, pop the whole thing in!​

*All other flavors can be ordered at additional cost, including specialty flavors

Cakeball Pricing:

The DONUTS......

(in 8 flavors)

  • What can I say except, DONUTS!

    All flavors are cake donuts, baked up nice and fluffy!

    Topped with unique glazes, nuts and sprinkles OR nothing at all. You have options!!

"Donuts are necessary for survival especially BAKED ones"

The Donut Pricing:


(in 8 flavors)

  • Soft and moist made with fresh and frozen whole berries. 
  • Topped with glazes made with  heavy cream or fresh squeezed juice. Perfect for those quiet mornings with a cup of coffee!

Muffin Pricing.......

Cookies & Cookie-wiches.....

(Cookies in 8 flavors: Cookiewiches in 6)

Cookiewich: My take on an old fashioned sandwich cookie. Soft chewy cookies filled with delicious flavored buttercream. Drizzled on top (if you like) just because!!

You can also get the COOKIES by themselves. This is so you can eat way more then you need!

Cookie & Cookie-wich Pricing.......

Bread Pudding......

Our bread budding is not like others. We have 4 very delicious options. 

But we didn't forget to include the classic. 

Each pudding comes with it's own signature sauce. (2 have adult an adult beverage added)

Bread Pudding Pricing: